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 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Art Therapist




New life roles or transitions can leave us feeling isolated, overwhelmed, disconnected from friends and family, and anxious. You can feel simultaneously stuck and untethered and you just want to feel grounded and sure of yourself. 

It is during these difficult times that we need support the most.

I very much work to create a safe, supportive space for clients to begin the work of therapy and feel encouraged to take their first steps on the path to healing. 

It is my hope that after working together, you experience a new kind of confidence in yourself where you know deeply that you are doing it right, that you are capable, that you are enough. I listen deeply, encourage and support you wholly while helping you learn new ways of thinking, communicating, and being.

I believe that the the most important thing in determining how helpful therapy is, is the relationship between therapist and client. I invite you to set up some time to chat so that we can see if we are the right fit. Click the link below to set up your free 15-minute phone consultation. Let’s talk about how I can encourage you on your path to healing.



My therapy sessions are designed to empower you, to strengthen your confidence, and assist you in the healing process. I provide culturally competent care to provide space to discuss the events and experiences that matter to you most.

In addition to the services and modalities described below, I also offer online therapy to residents of California. You don't have to let distance or time constraints be a barrier to getting the support you desire.


Art provides a means for awareness, expression of emotion, and developing meaning for, and understanding of, our experiences by providing the necessary distance one might need when processing powerful emotions. Art therapy can be used for addressing anxiety, depression, grief, issues related to identity, and other clinical issues experienced by folks of all ages. 

"But I'm not creative!" It’s less about the product, more about the process. We all hold creative wisdom. I invite you to tap into yours.

Paint Tubes
Girl in the Woods


With walk/talk therapy, therapist and client spend time outside and talking together instead of meeting in the traditional office setting. I have had some of the most profound conversations with clients while joining them for a walk and have been witness to the spark of new insights and ideas. 

Walking therapy can be beneficial for addressing anxiety, depression, feelings of disconnectedness.


Individual therapy can be a place for you to try on new ideas, explore past experiences that might get in the way of current growth, find a safe space to take off the mask that you wear in front of others.

Whatever has brought you here today, allow me to walk with you as you rediscover who you are becoming.

Lasting Smile
Lover's Embrace


Relationships aren't always easy all the time. Sometimes we find ourselves at crossroads in our relationships due to breakdowns in communication, differences in cultural backgrounds, difficult adjustments to adding to (or taking away from) the family unit. Rough patches in relationships are normal. They can be scary, disheartening, and saddening. But you and your partner don't have to find your way out of it alone.



I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT #100609) and registered art therapist (ATR #18-325 ). I hold a Master of Arts Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy from Notre Dame de Namur University. 

My clinical style is a collaborative one that empowers you, the client, to access your innate wisdom to facilitate growth. I use art, mindfulness, and movement to help clients reduce their distress and improve their sense of connectedness and wellbeing.  I have worked in schools, residential settings, in the community, and the traditional therapy office. My experience has allowed me to work with a wide variety of people and presenting issues, including issues related to identity and culture, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, and severe mental illness, including psychosis. I am always honored and humbled to work with all clients and especially delight in working with young adults, inter-racial couples, and new and expecting moms.

If you think we might be a good fit, click the button below and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. Let's talk.



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